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and bisexual women, transgender folks, genderqueer folks and/or other "alternative" individuals . Nothing whatsoever will be syndicated, sold, or disseminated elsewhere. (Consider the "etc." to mean whatever you think it means.) HOWEVER, YOU can choose to adopt whatever definition YOU choose for the purpose of YOUR own dating and relating, including and/or eliminating any of the above as it suits YOU. Nothing here came from any other site or will be subsequently posted on any other site. We don't waste your time showing you folks who will NOT be interested in your demographic. Everyone in your search results will have already stated THEY want to meet someone like YOU. You can ALSO use us to: In addition to women who exclusively love other women one-at-a-time, we accept women as members who identify as bisexual, who are married to men, who are non-monogamous and/or polyamorous, etc. With items posting immediately, the public stays informed.Some issues cause controversy, but social media does more good than harm in retrospect...Although some parents see social media as detrimental to their children, it actually does them some good to have social media accounts.Teens want to be aware and informed just as much as adults.

Asking anyone under the age of 18 for pictures is a crime in the state of Colorado.For those children who feel marginalised in their local community, social media can help them connect with other people who share the same interests or outlook on life.In some cases, teenagers with critical problems can turn to social networks for fast support and guidance.Talking to a child about doing sexual acts is also a crime,” Harris said.Fluet is Harris’ 55 arrest this year, the third arrest off Mocospace.

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