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Day “Great Americans Day.” (The reasoning behind this change is to also recognize Robert E.

Lee’s birthday, whom they all revere as a great man in his own right.) You would almost think this episode was created in response to the events of Charlottesville rather than before it even happened.

Speaking of “will they or won’t they,” come to for the woke handling of current events, and stay for the blossoming of the romance between Tig and Kate.

As we watch Tig navigate through the minuscule pond that is the lesbian dating pool in Bay Saint Lucille, we see her fall in with the stereotypical power lesbian, the fiercely anti-label lesbian, and many more, all while the real apple of her eye is watching while peeking out from under the covers alone in her bedroom.

Their budding relationship is nuanced, sometimes frustrating, and the shining beacon of the season.

Under the law, a child under the age of sixteen is too young to consent to an act of sex and any adult or older teenager having sex with a child under sixteen can be punished, even if the child wanted to have sex with the person.

If the child is under the age of fourteen, any person more than 24 months older than the child having sexual intercourse with that child has committed rape.

As Tig rushes to the hospital in the middle of a first date to visit her stepfather Bill, the receptionist refuses to let her pass through and instead orders her to leave because of her sexuality.

In the middle of the altercation, Tig abruptly insists that she’s straight, and in the face of the receptionist’s stubborn perplexity, Tig reminds her that her Christian beliefs are founded on the premise of homosexuality as a choice before scampering through the doors in victory.

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