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But ladies and gentlemen, the best part of your being here with our couple today is that you are here because they are so special to you!The last part is where I make the guests feel that they are really part of this ceremony.May you never take each other for granted May you see each other through love’s kind and patient eyes!The Pronounce is where I remind the couple of what they have just promised or more importantly, Vowed to one another.I am emphasizing that the words the State of Ohio says that must be stated for this to be a true marriage have been spoken.This is what the Certificate of Marriage which is what the Officiant sends back to the Probate Court testifies to, that the wedding was legally performed.

Naturally, I use this as an outline for you to make yours.I remind them that love between the couple, between the couple and guests and very importantly is the love between the guests and the couple. Prelude to The Vows: To both of you I say: Please hold hands and look into each other’s eyes.Groom, these are the hands that will work alongside yours, The Prelude to the vows is where I turn attention on to the couple.===================================================================================== Aren't these words and sentiments beautiful?Some say goosebumps chilled them; some say tears blurred the words.

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