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The Last of Us demands exploration, not only to scour for needed supplies, but to satisfy your curiosity.The Last of Us is undoubtedly pretty to look at, but that beauty is often overshadowed by imminent peril.The Last of Us is a near-perfect analog for The Road, a literary masterpiece written by Cormac Mc Carthy.Both present a hopeless, post-apocalyptic situation navigated by two characters – an adult and a child – with nothing but absolute despair surrounding them.Joel and Ellie will confront enemies in all of the various locations they visit, and these battles represent the other side of what makes The Last of Us shine. Fighting is as emotionally taxing as it is physically dangerous, because the people Joel fights are, like him, just normal folks trying to survive.In a world where everyone has a singular motivation to keep breathing for one more day, it’s hard to judge even the harshest remnants of humanity you encounter.It never slows down, it never lets up, and frankly, it never disappoints.

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Everything that happens is immediately more memorable, more powerful, and more poignant because your surroundings are so believable.The Last of Us takes place in 2033, so the regular world Joel harkens back to on occasion is one you and I understand. Joel can be cold and ruthless, but those around him have the propensity to be far worse.It’s fascinating to think about how he’s evolved since the world crumbled around him, and even if he does what’s necessary to stay alive – including stealing and murdering – it’s hard to fault him for it. As riveting as Joel is, he isn’t the only character of consequence in The Last of Us.Joel does what’s necessary to stay alive, and in the ruined United States he travels around, his survival often means someone else’s untimely death.Occasionally haunted by his past but living in his dystopian present, Joel is surprisingly easy to root for. He retains shreds of his humanity as best he can, considering the extraordinary circumstances he finds himself in.

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