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In the Greek version of the Old Testament it designates the captains in an army (Num.), the officers over the house of God (2 Kings, ), the director of the temple repairs (2 Chron. Applied to Christian ministers in the New Testament the word is used by Paul only, and it is translated overseer (Acts ), or bishop (Phil. An episcopal church, then, is a bishopal church, a church governed by a bishop or by bishops.(2) That bishops are the successors of the apostles in rank and authority.

Apostles raise the dead (Acts ); bishops in the presence of death are as helpless as others.

In a labored effort to defend the position the Rev. The position not only lacks Scriptural warrant, but it also fails before the logic of facts in the following particulars, the names apostles and bishops being used briefly for the offices which they represent.

Apostles are men who can bear personal testimony to the resurrection of our Lord (John ; Acts , 22); bishops are not men who can bear personal testimony to the resurrection.

The Anglican, the Arminian, the Catholic, the Coptic, the Greek and several Methodist churches are representatives of this class, all being episcopal.

The Protestant Episcopal church, however, is commonly known simply as the Episcopal church, and to it especially reference is made in the question, Why be a Baptist rather than an Episcopalian?

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