A framework for elucidating the temperature dependence of fitness

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titles marked (MS) are for students seeking a master's degree, (Ph D) are for students seeking a doctoral degree, not marked are open to students seeking either master's or doctoral degrees Reload this page to see the latest updates Assistantships and Fellowships | Fellowship Program Links | Short Courses Older listings: 2016-2017 | 2015-2016 | 2014-2015 | 2013-2014 | 2012-2013 | 2011-2012 | 2010-2011 | 2009-2010 | 2008-2009 | 2007-2008 | 2006-2007 | 2005-2006 | 2004-2005 | 2003-2004 | 2002-2003 | 2001-2002 | 2000-2001 | 1999-2000 Top | Fellowship Program Links | Short Courses Auburn University: Two graduate research assistantships (Ph. Current lab research projects take advantage of our large field station that includes hundreds of aquaculture ponds and nearby recreational and drinking water reservoirs where we pursue basic and applied questions associated with understanding the ecological, evolutionary, and limnological mechanisms controlling the structure and function of freshwater plankton communities. Start date: Flexible but early 2018 would be ideal considering current projects.

S.) in aquatic ecology/limnology are available in Alan Wilson’s lab in the School of Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Sciences. Support: Graduate research assistantships include 12-month stipend and full tuition coverage.

Please address your qualification for each of these points in your cover letter. Competitive students will have a Master’s degree, a background in Geosciences or Ecology, and has published the results of their master’s work in a peer-reviewed journal.

Apply to [email protected] December 10, 2017 by following instructions for the Ph. Assistantship in Genetics of Annual Cycles in Migratory Birds. Boise State University: GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIP (Ph. Please address your qualification for each of these points in your cover letter. Apply to [email protected] December 1,2017 by following instructions for the Ph. Assistantship in Interactions among Wildfire, Climate, Vegetation, and Geomorphic Response. Boise State University: A position is available for a Ph. student to study how plant root traits and biodiversity in biofuel cropping systems affect ecosystem function.

If you are interested in the position, please email me a cover letter stating your research interests and highlighting your relevant skills, your CV, and GPA and GRE scores.

Please put “Graduate Assistantship” in the subject line of the email.

We are seeking someone who has a strong interest in evolutionary systematics, is capable of conducting fieldwork in remote areas of the Neotropics, has careful attention to detail, and preferably has at least sufficient Spanish language skills to communicate verbally in Latin American countries.

position) in Biology, Ecology, or related field; GPA of 3.2 or greater; and above average GRE scores (at least 50th percentile for quantitative and verbal; at least 4.0 for analytical writing).

Students with a BS or MS in Biology (or other relevant disciplines), with field experience, research experience, have experience with statistics, have proven writing and communication skills, and who are self-motivated and independent will be the most competitive.

The student will be based at Binghamton University (State University of New York), in Vestal, NY and will travel to the PNW for fieldwork. student to study the genetic mechanisms underlying migration behavior and seasonal timing in American kestrels.

The student will be in the Biological Sciences Department and be a part of the EEB (Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior) group. American kestrels are an exciting model species for this work because they exhibit different migratory strategies and there is evidence that the timing of kestrel breeding and migration has shifted in parts of their range.

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