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If they’re old enough to stir, sift, and pour, let them help you with the basics—pasta and pizza sauces, muffins, and breads are all kid-friendly.It’s a good way to teach numbers, fractions, nutrition, and basic life skills. Make a rule that if your kid announces they’re bored, they’ll have to do chores.They can easily suck away imagination, energy, and the innocence of our kids. The kids know they can pull a book off the shelves whenever they want.

(p.s.—A preschool chore chart on the downloads page.) Arrange toilet paper rolls like bowling pins on one end of the hall. Bowl or throw at the pins, and you’ve got an indoor bowling alley.

Don’t be a thief—save your grade, use Bib Me™ and give credit to those who deserve it!

A cute little four-year-old face, inches away from mine, asking for entertainment.

I don’t have a problem with TV or movies—we watch them both.

But we all know they’re far too often the default choice of leisure time for children. But there’s plenty that can do indoors on their own without touching a remote (I’m a big fan of boredom). Our kids’ books are right in our living room, available any time of day.

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