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provides a wrapper for the native Java Script date object.

This is in it's own way bad as it has numerous negative back compatibility implications. Moment uses a technique called epoch shifting that causes this property to sometimes differ from the actual date value that the Moment reflects.

Firefighter Exam Date: 3/24/2018 Correction Officer Exam Date: 4/14/2018 Correctional Program Officer A/B Exam Date: 4/14/2018 Correction Officer III Exam Date: 5/19/2018 District and Deputy Fire Chief Exam Date: 5/19/2018 Correction Officer II Exam Date: 6/23/2018 Application opening date, application deadline, and exam fee will be available soon!

The guides area is designed to help developers learn to better interact with the date and time problem domain, and the library.

A UTC offset is a value that represents how far a particular date and time is from UTC.

It is expressed in the format HH:mm most of the time.

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