16 good age start dating

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I originally told her that she could not date until she was 16, but you give them an inch and they want the whole mile, right?

Now she wants to be able to go to the movies with a boy that she likes.

But even then they wanted to know where I was going and who I was going out with.

I think it depends on the child, however not earlier than 16. I was immature, and it was, in retrospect a GREAT decision for my dad to have made. but that is only because I know of the ANGST it saved me. My view is very conservitive and I wouldn't force it on anyone but here is what our family belives.

Even in a group, they lie and say they are in a group and split up with their dates.. If her girlfriends were going to the movies with them..might be ok.

Some don't some girls are fine, but if the girl is asking a lot, take that as a hint. Just set up a driving contract, a date contract and if that contract is broken, those priveleges are taken away for any amount of time.. But I have two daughters (much younger) but my husband wants them to wait until the graduate.

My parents let me go out in groups when I was around 14/15 years of age.

If she feels like she is a part of setting the boundaries with you and your husband, she may be more willing to follow them, and complain a little less. This is a touchy subject, but first and foremost, I would listen to your husband, because if anything happens to her as a result of your not doing as he asks, he will point the finger at you, and you don't want that.

Let him be the daddy, and lay down those kinds of rules.

Even if friends don't ask her to hang out as much, it is worth it to protect her. You could also have boundary where you have to meet whoever she is going out with and their parents before she goes.

That way you can judge if you feel if it is appropriate friendship.

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