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Further research is needed to improve accurate reporting of sexual behaviors.

Assessments of sexual behaviors (i.e., sexual activity and condom use) rely heavily on self-report.

However, the major drawback is the possibility of recall bias.

Individuals differ in their ability to remember past events, and accurate reports of sexual behaviors may be influenced by the length of the recall period (Graham et al., 2003), use of memory tools, as well as the frequency of the behavior being assessed (Catania et al., 1990; Schroder et al., 2003).

Potrivit reprezentanților întreprinderii „Registru”, acestea sunt cuvinte obsecene, care nu au ce căuta pe plăcile de înmatriculare. Amintim că, începând cu 1 aprilie, șoferii moldoveni pot obține plăcuțe de înmatriculare noi, adaptate la standardele europene.

An alternative to the diary is the self-completed retrospective survey (Boekeloo et al., 1994; Durant & Carey, 2000; Saltzman, Stoddard, Mc Cusker, Moon, & Mayer, 1987).This study compares self-reported sexual behaviors from a retrospective survey and a prospective diary among Botswana Defence Force (BDF) personnel.One hundred sixty-one male participants, aged 18-30, completed two weekly prospective diaries and a retrospective survey querying them about behaviors reported during the same time frame as the diaries.In southern Ontario, one parent told CTV Kitchener she was considering pulling her children out of the public school board, and enrolling them in a separate school instead. Other parents have also threatened to pull their children out of the classroom completely unless the new sex education curriculum is scrapped.In Toronto, at Thorncliffe Park Public School, flyers have been posted advertising workshops that teach parents how to home-school their children.

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