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Few questionnaires specifically focus on OSA and OSP measurement. Youth Internet victimization in a broader victimization context.

The Internet Sex Screening Test (ISST; Delmonico, 1997) is a 25 true-false item test.

OSA refer to the Internet use for any activity that involves sexuality for the purposes of recreation, entertainment, exploration, support, education, commerce and/or seeking out sexual or romantic partners (Boies, 2004).

In the last years, a strong double link has arisen between sexuality and this new medium: first, the Internet represented a novel arena for existing sexual practices; secondly, the Internet offered the chance to discover new sexual interests.

The aim of this paper is to offer the most complete overview of these instruments focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of different tools currently available to assess different dimensions of OSA, and to suggest a simple screener for OSP. The naked self: Being a body in televideo cybersex.

A systematic search of published online sexual activities inventories was performed using Psych Info and Pubmed (1993 to July 2013).

More accurate instruments are also necessary to help advanced clinical diagnosis and treatment for OSP.

self-report questionnaires; scales; online sexual activities (OSA); online sexual problems (OSP); internet sexuality doi: 10.5817/CP2014-1-2 A growing number of people use Internet for Online Sexual Activities (OSA) and its consumption is rapidly increasing (Döring, 2009). Cybersexuality in MMORPGs: Virtual sexual revolution untapped.

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In an effort to identify the instruments used in basic research or in clinical settings, the search terms ‘inventories’, ‘questionnaires’, ‘interviews’ and ‘structured interviews’ were combined consecutively with the following terms: ‘Internet sexuality’, ‘online sexual activities’, ‘online sexual problems’, ‘cybersex’, ‘cybersexual addiction’. Typing, doing, and being: Sexuality and the Internet.

The wide variety of problems arising from Internet use include overuse in general and problems related to specific activities such as pornography, sexual exploitation, harassment, infidelity, fraud, and isolative-avoidant use (Mitchell, Becker-Blease, & Finkelhor, 2005).

The ‘problem’ may range from a single incident to a pattern of excessive involvement.

In Figure 1, a flow chart of study selection procedure is provided. Internet use and sexual health of young men who have sex with men: A mixed-methods study.

Although many instruments are adequate for their own purposes, our review revealed a lack of standardized, internationally (culturally) acceptable questionnaires that are truly epidemiologically validated in general populations and that can be used to investigate OSA and to assess OSP.

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